Aim of Society

The formation of Aahuti welfare Society took place by keeping a single minded aim to spread awareness regarding the Social evils in our society and hence finding solutions to eliminate these evil practices.

Use of Tobacco and their products among the Youth is the prime concern for our Society. This evil practice of consuming tobacco and their product is increasing at alarming rate especially among the Youth of our Country which is a great concern for the healthy future of our Society.If we are not been able to control this problem on time then definitely this would result into serious health hazards and untimely painful deaths.

As it is said that "Prevention is better than cure" So we do believe that 
"Awareness is better than ignorance.”

Aahuti is committed to spread the spark of awareness so that we could save our society, our Youth, our people which are important asset of our country.
 We spread the wind of awareness by organizing Lecture Series, workshop, seminars, competition, putting up Banners/Hoardings, distributing pamphlets and by organizing street plays in School, Colleges, offices as well as in Public places.

 Apart from this we also organise other programs which are related to social welfare of the society such as Blood Donation, Free Eye Check Up camp, Distribution of Clothes and Food material among the needy ones.

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