Here is the List of Campaigns Run by Aahuti Welfare Society

Anti Tobacco Events:

We organise anti tobacco events in Schools, colleges, offices which includes a lecture by qualified Physiologist/Psychiatrist about the bad effects of Tobacco and its products on the body of the user. People are informed how these products can ruin their life. A proper counselling is also provided to those who want to quit tobacco products.

When we organise these events in school and college, we also try to organise some competition among student such as Essay writing, Quiz, Slogan Writing, Poster making which helps students to understand this concept easily.

For the Mass Awareness, Sometime we also organise street play in Schools and Colleges.
Apart from this we also try to put some Banners and Hoarding in School Premises so that the awareness message keep on spreading even if we are not there.

Blood Donation Camps:

We organise blood donation camps in Colleges and public places with the help of India Red Cross Society. We try our best to promote awareness among people regarding the importance of Blood donation and try to solve their myths related to blood donation. Moreover we do the arrangements for Healthy refreshment and memento for Blood Donors.

Free Eye Check Up Camps

We organise free Eye check up camp from time to time at various places by well qualified Eye Specialist. We also Provides some medicines (Free of Cost) which are available in our Stock.

Other Program related to social welfare of the Society

We also try to help needy people (in slums) by providing clothes, Blankets, Food material etc.
We collect old clothes with the help of our volunteers and distribute them among the needy ones from time to time.